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Software Executive

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I am a technology leader with a proven track record of improving and transforming the software, quality, and operational excellence of software engineering teams.

With deep exposure to a wide spectrum of Internet technologies from the early days of the Web, my experience encompasses many generations of software, project, and product development practices, which informs time-tested approaches, philosophies and techniques.

Core Beliefs

The following core beliefs shape my perspective on Technology management:

  • Trust Must Prevail Over Fear
  • Learning Drives Improvement
  • People Matter Most, Invest in Them

I expound on these core beliefs in greater detail in a blog post.

Leadership Style

My background, expertise and foundational beliefs produce a leadership style that exemplifies the following characteristics:

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: How to make a big impact with limited resources.
  • High-Standards: Data-informed rationale to justify investing in continuous improvement practices.
  • High Engagement: Credibility through listening to your team, and serving their needs.
  • Creativity: Inspirational leadership is fundamentally creative, and encourages learning.
  • Inspiration: Vision and buy-in to initiatives to see it realized are table stakes.
  • Tenacity: When excellence is a moral imperative, we keep iterating until we reach our goal.

I expound on my leadership style in more detail on my blog.


While my experience managing technology teams covers the breadth of enterprise software systems, I am particularly keen on the EdTech space, with 6 years of experience in the industry.

  • Conceiving, designing, building, deploying and maintaining Internet and Web based software systems spanning over 25 years.
  • Expertise in building scalable customer-facing infrastructure, software, network and database systems.
  • Inspirational leadership style suitable to attract and retain highly technical software professionals, including remote/offshore management.
  • Improving predictability and productivity of software teams to deliver on time-critical marketing and product initiatives.
  • Defining and achieving ambitious strategic roadmaps that provide iterative progress towards organizational, team, or project goals.
  • Every role in my career has involved software security, privacy, or authentication in some form:
    • Authenticating, authorizing and billing users in a metered-service ISP
    • Managing a multi-tenant hosting platform that preserved client confidentiality
    • Managing payment and vault systems of a multi-million dollar subscription-based service processing millions of credit card authorizations per year
    • Building resilient online games that are reasonably hack and/or cheat-proof
    • Architecting and building systems that respect student and district privacy for EdTech publishers


Director, EngineeringBitTitan 2021 - 2021
Strategic Planning
Project/Team Engagement
VP TechnologyCommittee for Children 2018 - 2020
Senior Director, Web Application EngineeringMcGraw-Hill Education 2014 - 2018
VP TechnologyExponential Entertainment 2013 - 2014
VP Technology Salad Labs 2011 - 2012
Software Engineering Online 2002 - 2011
CTOMedia Access Internet Solutions 1997 - 2001
Network DirectorPacific Rim Network 1994 - 1999
Webmaster Western Washington University (WWU) 1992 - 1994

Legend: (approximate % of time spent by responsibility)

Strategic Planning
Roadmap planning, budget, product/market/technology vision
Strategic planning in software and systems design & integration
Motivation, communication, engagement, 1:1s, team-building
Project/Team Engagement
Agile/scrum or project process review, coaching, improvement & planning
Hands on coding, code-review, build, deployment, or release work
Concept, design, implementation or maintenance of systems and environments